I had put the following questions to the candidates for GBLA from Hunza. Son of one of the candidates responded and I did not vote any one of the candidates.
I am since perusing our elected representative as well as the selected one on the technocrat seat to help find solutions to the inherent issues in these questions. Readers to please join me in helping our representatives find the requisite solutions.
The question to each voter in Hunza was;
“What questions will you ask a candidate before you cast your vote? My vote to a candidate for the GBLA seat from Hunza will be based on his/her answers to the following questions:
a. Do you know the views of USA, UN, EU, India, China, Russia and GOP on the status of Gilgit – Baltistan? What are your views and how do you think you will go about implementing your views?
b. What is your knowledge on the current statutory and customary laws on Natural resources? What does the UN Universal Declaration on this topic contemplate? Are you aware of any local attempts and how will you go about ensuring the economic interests of present and coming generations?
c. What are the burning issues confronting Hunza today? Do you have a statistical analysis and how do you propose tackling them?
d. What is your vision for the Hunza society for the next 5 years, 10 yrs, 20 yrs and 50 years? What collective targets would you set and with what priority?
e. What is your commitment on the improvements of KKH and proposed energy corridor/railway line? What are the reasons for the slowdown? What would you do to overcome the slowdown that you see?”
After the elections, I have initiated following communication;
“My Dear Syed Mehdi Shah,
Please accept my congratulations on the success in elections and nomination by the People’s party as the CM of Gilgit and Baltistan. I am using this occasion to share a few documents on different topics that in my view concern the economic interests and social governance of Gilgit and Baltistan for the present as well as future generations. As chief custodian of the trust of indigenous populations, I am sure you will take out the necessary time to go through these documents as a feedback from a concerned citizen.

1.    Status of Gilgit and Baltistan (EU Resolution, GOP view, Late Benazir Bhutto’s Views and a lone voice from Gilgit and Baltistan)
2.    Review of Mineral Lease Policy and “Harmonization of Customary Laws: Governing Natural Resource Management in Gilgit and Baltistan” (Copy of letters sent to former Chief Executive, Chief Secretary, Speaker and members of NALA. Preamble to the proposed law is enclosed while the unfinished draft of the law will hopefully be shared with a committee of GBLA.
3.    Proposal on outsourcing Mineral Development Sector.
4.    Challenges and Economical Opportunities in Gilgit and Baltistan.
5.    Sectarian Harmony in Gilgit and Baltistan.
6.    Gist of a Speech at a rally in Karimabad Hunza
7.    Development of Civil Society – HDF, an example of the template that may be adopted throughout Gilgit and Baltistan.
8.    Guidelines on Governance, Management and Financial control for (organizations) evolved (by AKDN) as present day interpretation of our religious guidance. Copies will be provided on demand.
9.    A few questions posed to the GBLA candidates in Hunza.
I normally stay in Hunza for summers but winters I am mostly in Rawalpindi. I will be eagerly waiting for any discussions or clarifications that you may desire to get greater insight into the proposed solutions of issues covered in these documents.

With prayers for success in upcoming responsibilities and best wishes,

Brig (Retd) Hisamullah Beg SI(M),
Former VP His Highness Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Pakistan (1999 to 2005); President Task Force HDF; Former member KIU syndicate (representing Civil Society); Vice Chairman Rupani Foundation Pakistan.
Copy for Information and action:    Mr Wazir Beg, Speaker GBLA and Elected Representative from Hunza for GBLA.   
Mr Mutabiat Shah, Member GBLA (Technocrat)”
Dear readers;
See if this falls in line with the desire for goading towards a meritocratic and democratic mindset.





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