Muslim civilisations can be explored from many different angles. Here are some of the subjects about Muslim societies in the past and in the modern world that we will be studying:

  • Civilisation and society
  • Language and literature
  • Faith and practice
  • Facets of development
  • Cultural encounters
  • Muslims in the modern age
  • Approaches to the Quran
  • Intellectual traditions

These aspects have been covered in four books placed on this post:

  1. In the Presence of the Sacred:        BOOK-1 
  2. One Earth Many Worlds:      BOOK-2 
  3. On the Wings of the Word:   BOOK-3 
  4. Cordova: People, Places and Times:    BOOK-4

The reader can click on each of the links given in front of the book and go through the same at his leisure.

People in the West have tried to come up with a new set of beliefs to satiate the need of humans for spirituality; click the link SCIENTOLOGY to see what they are trying.  BBC featured a program on 14th January 2011 which gives the inside story of this cult (Click BBC ). Also compare the practices of this cult with some practices being propogated by a HUNZA based group in the name of sipirituality – that will hopefully give a realistic appraisal of what they stand for.




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