Proposals for Progressive steps in Rehabilitation

To: DC Hunza

Subject: Proposals on Progressive Rehabilitation of Affected of Natural
My Dear Zafar Wiqar Taj,
I have the pleasure in sharing the following documents dealing with the subject.. I feel that in view of your responsibility in dealing with many aspects of the challenge these could be of some help as a contribution from the civil society.
• Communication with CM GB (the requested meeting took place on Sunday).
• Communication with chairman NDMA.
• Data for planning Rehabilitation.
• Letter to Ghq on Rehabilitation of Serving/Retired members of the forces.
I would like this opportunity to request you to visit my blog:
You will find analysis relevant to your responsibilities on the following topics:
• 1901 Judgment on the Border Dispute between Hunza and Nagar.
• Sectarian conflict in Gilgit and Baltistan and possible ways forward.
• Status of Gilgit and Baltistan as well as international designs in GB.
• Concept of Civil Soceity as applicable to Hunza.
• Hydroelectric Potential in Gilgit and Baltistan.
With best wishes,
Hisamullah Beg SI(M)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

To,    Lt. Gen. (R) Nadeem Ahmed, HI (M), SE, T Bt
         Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority.
My Dear General,
Further to my communication dealing with Progressive Rehabilitation Plan (copy enclosed as ready reference) of the disaster affected population in Hunza, I have the pleasure to share following un-solicited views.
I believe that NDMA and the Government of GB are waiting for the reports from the three foreign experts before taking the next step and decision on the fate of this lake. In my view, you need to consider the fact that this slide is unique in nature and experience with landslides in other parts of the world will not help in predicting the behavior of this lake. A totally independent judgment needs to be made on the basis of a scientific analysis of the stability. It would be essential to complete ranging and determining the inconsistencies in the entire cross section through one of the latest techniques used by exploratory agencies such as OGDC in the shattered mountain barrier that has blocked the river. FWO has certainly attempted to achieve the targets according to the work plan but they were hampered by this solid stone wall and go to the depth of 24 meters instead of 30 originally conceived. 
The cost of offer to blast and dredge and effect a controlled release of lake by the Chinese is very high as such the offer by the OGDC engineer Mr. Baig Ali may be consider if it is decided to follow this course but meanwhile I would insist with the government of GB and also request you to advocate the issue of the proposed draft gazette notification already forwarded to the government of GB (copy of the same enclosed.)
With Best Wishes
Brig. Hisamullah Beg SI (M)
Cell# 0345-5326255
(Also enclosed coy of PAO No. 378/Cas/92 of 21 May 92 which would certainly give you an idea about my capacity and credibility to support my comments)  
Extract from Pakistan Army Order No. 378/Cas/92 of 21 May 92. 


  1. The COAS has been pleased to award commendation Card to PA-11131 Brig Hisamullah Beg, EME for his outstanding professional engineering talents, keeping a keen eye on the problems of avionics eqpt of Army Avn. His professional achievement has a wide application and will solve many problems associated with Radars, and many other eqpt in army inventory. His thorough dedicated research, employing spec technique has saved the army a huge amount of money.

    2.    A note to this effect will be made in the svc docus of the above named offr.

    Date: July 17, 2010

    To,     Syed Mehdi Shah,
              Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan, Gilgit.

    Subj:    Draft Gazette Concerning Rehabilitation of Natural Disaster in Hunza.

    My Dear Mehdi Shah,

    I have the pleasure in sharing the draft for a Government of Gilgit and Baltistan Gazzette notification (annexure-I). I will be able to tell you why I am saying what I am saying if you can take out some time for discussion and let me know as soon as possible.

    I hope you have already received proposal on progressive rehabilitation of disaster affected populations (copy enclosed as annexure-II). Their rehabilitation can only be started once you have initiated this Gazette Notification on private ownership of the lake. 

    With Warm Regards,

    Brig. Hisamullah Beg SI (M)
    P.O Karimabad, Hunza
    Cell# 0345-5326255

    Copy for information and Action:
    1. Mr. Wazir Beg, Elected Representative and Speaker GBLA
    2. Mr. Mutabiat Shah, Technocrat
    3. Mr. Izhar Ali Hunzai, GM AKRSP
    (Draft Gazette notification – Government of GB)
    Government of Gilgit Baltistan
    Gazette Notification

    Rehabilitation of Affectees of Ataabad Disaster

    Issued by Authority

    Chief Minister’s Secretariat

    Gilgit, Saturday, July 17, 2010

    Government of Gilgit Baltistan declares Attabad Lake formed as a result of massive landslide on river Hunza in District Hunza-Nagar as ‘private property’ of the LSO formed by the affected families (381 households) retro effectively from 4th of January 2010 till it lasts. As such all economical activities connected with the lake will be the source of income for the present and coming generations of the affected families.

    Syed Mehdi Shah,
    Chief Minister                                Dated: ————————

    Proposal for Progressive Steps in Rehabilitation

    1. District administration in Hunza/ Govt of GB declares Ataabad lake as ‘private property’ of the LSO formed by the affected families (381 households) – and updates government records; as such all economical activities connected with the lake will be the source of income for the present and coming generations of the affected families.

  2. A ferry company is immediately formed. The requirement of finances is met from a small portion of Government allocations announced for the rehabilitation, funds donated by the foreign governments, civil society, NGOs and philanthropists. Following will be the broad outline of the functioning:
    • The shares of this company are given to the affected households in proportion to the value of property lost.
    • Upper Hunza residents and their goods are charged at actuals, while all the others are charged at a rate designed to earn a reasonable profit for this company.
    • Any investor other than the LSO of affectees will pay ‘user fee’ to the LSO for any ferry service (or any other economical activity such as fish farming/ tourism related etc.)

  3. The LSO elects or selects the governance for this company and others that are listed below. Management is inducted by the governance. Principles of governance, management and financial control in accordance with the eight AKDN guide-line booklets. AKRSP to arrange training.

  4. Another company or committee of the LSO initiates Fish farming with the technical guidance from the government department concerned, with domestic and export markets in sight. Indigenous expertise in fishing industry is already available through traders in Karachi, hailing from Nazimabad .

  5. Yet another company or committee of the LSO looks after tourist related activities, such as those current in Kashmir Lakes (Dull, Wuller etc).

  6. For large scale projects such as electrical generation, the affected populations get 51% shares for 100% investment by in country or foreign investors(incl government investment)- Govt of GB to legislate on top priority (Law on IPPs in Pakistan may be adopted with minor modification to ensure requirements as noted)
  7. Apart from generating electricity the water channel is also used for irrigating the barren land belonging to Ganish villages within Hunza Boundaries (well defined in 1901 judgment).This is preferably donated to affected households ( Recall historical practice in Hunza of ‘ADOPTION INTO A CLAN AS A BROTHER) or else reasonable charges are paid to the traditional owners.
  8. Land plots are allocated in proportion to the property lost through landslide and/lake engulfment, and development costs are met through the resources mentioned above.

  9. All these activities are supervised by District Administrations but executed by Agencies such as AKRSP and LSO combination.

  10. Submitted for consideration of the action committee, elected representatives, VOs/WOs of the affected villages, government of GB, AKRSP and Civil Society organizations such as council in Hunza.
NOTE: Emotional attachment and demand to regain the engulfed properties by dredging/blasting etc may render the rehabilitation plans unrealizable for an indefinite period with indefinite results with associated enormous costs.
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