Fresh Date for the event

Respected HCF Members,

As a part of our marketing and promotion campaign, I was given the task in yesterday’s meeting to start an online awareness campaign. In this regard, we have created an event through HCF’s official Facebook Page. The response in last 24 hours is good enough and as statistics suggest that about 85% people (aged 16 – 50) from Gilgit-Baltistan are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google+, it’s a good idea to work a little bit more on the campaign.

The event promotion flyers will be distributed on coming Friday at 3 locations in Rawalpindi/Islamabad including G9, Aabpara and Satellite Town. An sms campaign has already been initiated.

HCF Official Facebook Page:

Event Page:

We can also take the help of a Media Partner for event coverage. I have Pamir Times in my mind. I have also an idea for a slogan on the backdrop.

Shinaki Kanjud Aur Gojal
Apna Hunza Bemisal            — Noor Mohammad

Please reply me with contact persons and their numbers for general queries, stalls and nominations.


Imran A. Hunzai
+92 344 553 6773

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