Dear Faqir Muhammad,

In reply to your latest MUSHAHIDAT and communication, I have to say this:

You have provided me an additional proof for my categorizations as “TAHREEF” of how the maters are being interpreted. I will refer you to four documents, initiated by the Imam of the time, viz:

The notion of “private prayer and personal search” as mentioned by the Imam is surely in conflict with the form of “Ibadaat” you advocate through the type of “PUBLIC JASHAN” that you had planned to hold in Baltit Didargah. I, in fact, categorize your attempt in the light of conspiracies to disturb the harmony in Hunza instead. Please read my views on the post on my blog (Hunza Development Forum)


I am sure that in the light of your motivations you will not buy this notion of mine but even then I do not feel any hesitation in appealing to your group to put an end to the disruptive activities that you are presently engaged – in the name of humanity, peace and tranquility of Hunza. Please recall the behavior of our prophet towards people of TAIF who were averse to his call.

If at all you want to propagate your ideas, Izhar has given you a more practicable and less disruptive recommendations, i.e. start a “Blog” it will reach a greater number of eyes and ears.



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