Planing for event in 2013

Respected HCF members and well wishers,
The Hunza Cultural Forum core organizing committee had an important meeting on Tuesday at Gold Roof Office F-10/3, Islamabad. Eight members of the organizing committee attended the meeting upon short notice from the focal person. The meeting started at 6:30 PM and ended at 11:10 PM without any dinner break.
The committee debated on several opinions that we have been receiving from respected elder members of HCF through emails. The committee, after considering the opinions and reservations of all respectable senior members, has decided to extend the date of Annual Hunza Cultural Festival.
The annual Hunza Cultural Festival will now be organized on 23rd and 24th March, 2013. This would also cope with the celebrations of Navroz Mubarak as per recommended by many of you. The organizing committee highly respects your valuable thoughts and opinions as a result of which the event has been moved to late March.
The committee also discussed the current status of funds that have been raised for the event. 
The organizing committee urges all senior members of HCF to come forward and share your thoughts. With your support, we can take each step towards a successful event.
The Fund Raising Committee is working hard to collect donations so that the expected budget is met. As usual, we expect you to make generous monetary contributions.
This year we will also offer advertising opportunities for companies and products. Please contact us if you are interested in promoting your product through this event.
Please stay tuned to the official Facebook page for other updates and pictures from the previous events. Our page URL is

Thanks you reading.
Best Regards,

Imran A. Hunzai
+92 344 553 6773

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My Dear Imran and members [Hunza Cultural Council],

You may or may not be aware that I have undertaken a self-assigned mission for the advocacy and dissemination of AKDN LEARNING MATERIALon TALIMAT and CIVIL SOCIETY as a necessary step towards making the societies more desirable. With this background, as an example I had shared a vision for “HCF” through a blog post. You will notice that this write up follows the recommended guide lines and recommends written TOR/procedures for various committees [Ser no 3 of CODE OF PRACTICE FOR HUNZA CULTURAL FORUM ISLAMABAD].
I will feel highly satisfied if you can share the copy of TOR/Procedures that have been evolved for the committees formed in the meeting on 2 Feb 2013.



Dear all,

Yesterday the Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) had an important meeting at Regent Hotel, Rawalpindi. A number of existing and new members participated upon a short notice from the focal person Mr. Sarfaraz.
The event started at 7:30 PM with short introductions of each member as a few new faced joined the forum for the first time. Mr. Rehmat Karim followed the introductions with a brief overview of working background as well as financal status of HCF. Later on, Mr. Amjad Ayub put some light on the establishment of HCF and appreciated the contribution of founding members and elders who have played a vital role in laying down the foundation of this forum a few years back.
The main agenda was then brought forward and floor was open for discussion. After taking in consideration the opinions of all members present in the meeting, the committee finalized the date of HCF’s upcoming event. The annual Hunza Cultural Festival was decided to be held on 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday) February, 2013. A number of elements were discussed prior to taking the decision and the suggestion of delaying the event till mid or late March was debated too. As we all know that elections are expected within a few months time and it could be very hard to manage the event while the election campaigns are on their peak. It may also be noted that families and elders who have come to Rawalpindi, Islamabad and rest of the cities to spend winters will start moving back by early March. There were concerns about the weather too. The discussion somehow gave the hint “the sooner the better”. It was then finalized by the power of vote with more than 90% members going with 23-24 February.
After the date was finalized, various working bodies were formed to carry our specific tasks that I am listing below.
(A) Fund Raising Committee:
1. Amjad Ayub
2. Rehmat Karim
3. Ghazi Nadeem
4. Sultan Ali
5. Adnan Ullah Baig
6. Aziz Ahmed
7. Shakoor Ahmed
8. Zeeshan Ayub
9. Kamran Uddin
10.Sarfaraz Ahmed
(B) Artists Laison Committee:
1. Sultan Ali
2. Shams Uddin
3. Amjad Ali Quli
(C) Security Committee:
1. Shams Ur Rehman
2. Innam Uddin
3. Kamran Uddin
(D) Stage Management Committee:
1. Aziz Ahmed
2. Ehsam Ullah Baig
3. Arif
4. Aslam Pervez
(E) Social Media, Designing and Communication:
1. Imran Ahmed Hunzai
Please contact the respective portfolio members for related queries.
Join HCF official Page on Facebook for instant updates and announcements.
Best Regards,
Imran A. Hunzai
+92 344 553 6773

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I’m imranhunzai on Skype

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