About 144,000 results; some examples:
D. L. R. Lorimer – 1934
Kinji Imanishi – 1963
Renée Taylor – 1978
H. Sidky – 1996 –
16.     Irrigation system performance in farmer managed irrigation systems
John H.Tobe – 2011
21.        The Wheel of Health
Guy T. Wrench – 2009
Peter Hopkirk – 2001
30.  HUNZA THE HIMALIAN SHAGRILLA :F6-2308 International Film Enterprise 4April 1962 [Chicago opening ] Sd; color [Eastman Color] 35mm, 60 min; Prod Dir: Zygmunt Slistrowski Copruducer Mulford I Nohhs,  Writer Renee Taylor, Photography Zygmunt Slistrowski, Documentary.
31.        Hunza Valley
Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, McBrewster John – 2010
G. W. Leitner – 1996

35. Hunza: a pictorial souvenir



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