Most of the elderly in Hunza know me and my heritage. I am desirous of interacting with the younger generation of ‘Hunzakutz’  to be able to share my ideas on the concept of ‘”CIVIL SOCIETY” – involving inherent attitudes of Merit and democracy.

A vibrant and competent civil society is the cornerstone of a healthy and prosperous nation. It is essential to improving the quality of human life because people themselves know best how to drive progress. Yet, in many parts of the world, civil society suffers from a dearth of technical knowledge, human resources and financial means. To address these gaps, for over 50 years the AKDN has been carefully building robust institutions that experiment, adapt and accommodate diversity.
Founded on the ethics and values that drive progress and positive change, these civil society institutions – of education, health, science and research, and culture, to name a few – harness the private energies of citizens committed to the public good.

I have a desire to propagate TALIMAT series prepared by IIS and the concept  of “CIVIL SOCIETY” as defined by AKDN to the populations in Gilgit and Baltistan.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wonderful efforts!!! why are you limiting your target group to “younger generation of HUNZAKUTZ” why not the whole young generation living in GB??

    To propagate the TALIMAT series is a great idea! This is a dire need of the time!!
    May Mawla bless you in your efforts..


    1. Ifyou visit my main blog titled “HUNZA DEVELOPMENT FORUM” you will notice that it aspires to what you have recommended.
      With best wishes and happy reading.

      1. Sir I am Saba Nasir, grand daughter of Raja Ghulam Dastagir. I read your blog WHO’s WHO IN GILGIT AGENCY (Archive). I truly appreciate your work. But if it would have been a great tribute to my grand father if you had written a bit more about him. We all know his lineage and his work for the area. I would highly appreciate if you wrote a piece of paper on him. Thank you 🙂

      2. Dear Saba,
        I respect your sentiments, but please note that except for some links, it is a reproduction of the confidential record maintained by the Gilgit Administration, and I do not want to add or delete this official record.

  2. Mr. Hisamullah,

    Oxford University Press Pakistan are keen to publish ‘The Gilgit Rebellion 1947’. Can you help with any information regarding acquiring rights for this book for Pakistan only. Pl email me.
    Thanks and regards,
    Samuel Ray
    Sr. Editor
    Rights and Permissions

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